Effective branding is not a flip of the coin and requires:

Strategy + Design Data + Intuition Knowledge + Emotions Logic + Imagination

Rescue your brand from the sea of sameness. See how we have turned around others.

Beak Beak

Bakery Company came to us to reinvent the bread! The hardest part they have cracked themselves. They’ve developed a gluten-free, seed-based, tasty, and healthy bread alternative.

Look out the window

Matplast – a locally known window manufacturer from Poland – decided to move out of the shadows and expand its operation by building its distribution network across Europe.

Shedding new light on the market leader

We’ve refined the feel and look of the biggest SEO agency in Poland.

The patrons of science

We have redefined one of the best VCs in Poland so it reflects who they really are, not what they suppose to be.

Tiny yet powerful dots

QNA is one of the global leaders in the development of technology of colloidal, semiconductor quantum dots. Sounds complicated? Indeed, it is.

Size matters when it comes to 3D

What if the printer was the size of a container with an incomparably larger working area?

Putka BIO

We said no to dull, boring and unappetising designs for BIO products that overrun Eastern Europe.

We start
with strategy

We strongly believe that only design reinforced by strategy can provide real results. 

Brand audit | Market research | Consumer analysis | Brand positioning | Brand architecture 

We redefine

Strategic thinking doesn’t limit our creativity. We often redefine branding rules within verticals. 

Naming | Brand Identification | Packaging | Websites | Visual Content | Copywriting

We create

Brand: it ain’t your logo. It’s a collection of experiences that builds the brand image in customers’ minds.

Brand activation | Customer Journey | Special projects