Project / Client

QNA Technology


Explain unexplainable.

QNA is one of the global leaders in the development of technology of colloidal, semiconductor quantum dots. Sounds complicated? Indeed, it is. Our main objective was to reposition QNA from deep-tech science lab into trustworthy, capable, technical start-up with a great understanding of its partners business needs. 

New brand mark is based on quantum dots suspended in the solution. It’s dynamic, irregular and constantly changes across touch points. The brand palette is based on expressive and luminous colors, representing unique qualities of quantum dots.


Brand Strategy

Corporate Identity

Verbal identity



Most quantum dot manufacturers use the same undifferentiated means of expression: science illustrations and photographs of bottles with fluorescent quantum dots. 

We have decided to break the cliches and differentiate QNA amongst its competition by creating dynamic, open, technical and yet friendly brand identity. 

Flexible identity worked brilliantly on marketing collateral.

How to visualise quantum dots?

To make quantum dots more accessible, we have decided to create easy to decode, simple, friendly illustrations that can explain to investors and clients the great potential behind those nanocrystals.