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Look out the window

Matplast – a locally known window manufacturer from Poland – decided to move out of the shadows and expand its operation by building its distribution network across Europe. It is a very competitive space and they needed to look the part, with their own visual and verbal identity that differenite them from the crowd. We did just that.


Brand Strategy

Visual Identity




The brand strategy stage included competition analysis, sector audit, and in-depth interviews with direct clients and distributors. It allowed us to determine key brand requirements that we followed when working on brand identity. Company had to progress from product-based communication and become more relatable and personable. Brand essence has been captured in the slogan Matplast – where your home is.

New colour pallete set Matplast apart from its main competitors that use shades of blue, red and black. It also premiumised the brand. Visual system is based on a sun coming through the window and works nicely across all brand assets.