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Redefine science patron

Kvarko is one of the best performing Polish VCs, investing in future shaping, life-changing, science projects. Funders, Paweł and Andrij, are true science patrons, that provide founders with money and extensive support.


Brand Strategy

Corporate Identity



Key Visuals


Workshops with the Kvarko team and interviews with their portfolio companies allowed us to discover and define the values and principles that guide the day-to-day operations of this unbelievable VC. Their strong beliefs were the basis for creating a manifesto that became the core of the brand identity.

Connecting both worlds

The crossover between science and business is where innovation is born. Kvarko is one of only a few VCs that can bridge the gap between those worlds. To illustrate it, we have developed the tagline WE HELP SCIENCE COME TO LIFE and created animations that visually explain the claim.

True colours

Large, prominent typography and expressive color palette used across all materials reflects personalities of Kvarko founders and distance brand from local VCs, showing that Kvarko is in a league of its own.