Project / Client

Bakery Company


Reinvent the bread

Bakery Company came to us to reinvent the bread!? The hardest part is that they have cracked themselves. They’ve developed a gluten-free, seed-based, tasty, healthy bread alternative. We’ve only created a brand strategy, named it, packed it, and created all assets needed to launch it into the wild.


Brand Strategy


Visual Identity





Internal strategy workshops allowed us to develop a unique brand positioning and naming territories. Everyone’s favourite name BEAK BEAK has become a foundation for visual and verbal brand identity, that has been summed up under the company tagline.

Just like bread, only better

Don't be dull

Company quirkiness is also reflected in its communication. Doodles from packaging are used across various brand assets. To give our little birdies personalities, we’ve paraphrased famous quotes from pop culture using bird sounds.